Out of Control

2010 NFL Draft - BradfordSam Bradford agreed to terms with the St. Louis Rams tonight and the former Oklahoma quarterback is guaranteed $50 million and the minimum value of the total six year deal for the man who hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL is $78 million.

It is the largest guaranteed contract ever given to a first year player.

Now of course the amount can fluctuate depending on what happens down the road, but as long as Bradford is still around in six years for the Rams then the minimum he will make is $78 million and with the incentives in the contract for outstanding play Bradford could make a measly $8 million more for a total of $86 million dollars before he hits 28 years old.

So let me get this straight. Sam Bradford as of today has made $50 million dollars no matter what happens as long as he continues to show up. If he is good enough to stick around for the entire six year deal then he will make $28 million more. And if he plays brilliantly and wins Super Bowls then he will be granted an extra $8 million.

Does anyone else see a problem with the way this breaks down?

Last year’s first overall pick Matthew Stafford (also a record amount of guaranteed money given out) pocketed around $41 million and that means this season’s total is nearly a 25% jump up the boards of guaranteed money for the first year quarterback. That means next season the first round pick could make over $60 million and in three or four years time that guaranteed total could be as high as $80 million. And then you begin the debate of when will a rookie be guaranteed $100 million dollars?

It’s getting out of control and it makes no logical sense. Why would a guy that has never proven himself to be of any real value make more money then 99% of the league?

Sam Bradford could end up being exactly what St. Louis needs and the quarterback could be the answer to a losing cities prayers.

Or he could be the next Ryan Leif.

Creative Commons License photo credit: RMTip21

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