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The ACC has just gotten a bit more wide open in the wake of the Colorado Rockies drafting Clemson QB Kyle Parker at 26th overall in the MLB first year player draft.  This opens a whole host of questions and possible doorways to the top spot in the ACC for several teams.  With Parker out of the picture, maybe, it changes the entire landscape of the ACC for the fall.

Parker is at this moment playing on the Clemson baseball squad, which just earned a berth to regionals for the College World Series.  After the baseball season is over, he will have a sit down with the Clemson football staff to make his decision – football or baseball.  While many think that he will go for the baseball route, I will wait and see. The scouting reports I have read for his baseball outlook weren’t exactly blowing me away especially for someone who would have to play in Coors Field in Colorado.  I think he would definitely have to step it up several notches to compete their at a high level defensively.  His future as the QB of Clemson though looks brighter to me.  But in the end it will come down to what he decides to do and most “experts” say he will go with baseball.

So, let’s say he does choose baseball.  That leaves Clemson with Tahj Boyd as their QB. Florida State and Clemson were projected to be frontrunners in this year’s ACC field.  Without Parker, FSU has to be throwing a party right about now and their QB Ponder may just be in line for a Heisman-worthy season.  Add in Boston College who now has an even more open door to walk through and you get a whole new ACC picture shaping up.  If Parker leaves for baseball, the ACC could turn into a wide open dog fight for the top spot.

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  1. If Boyd can get over his injuries, Clemson will be fine …

    • Do you think they will be fine enough to compete for the top spot? Over FSU and Ponder? With Parker they were a definite top spot contender, with Boyd even uninjured I don’t see them at the top beating out FSU.

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