One More Week, And Many Questions For The Steelers



The Pittsburgh Steelers are going into their last weeks at St. Vincents College with many questions, and a few injuries.  The questions are not just about position battles.   They are contending with many injuries, and some that just might leak into the beginning of the season.

Mike Adams is currently slated to be out at least two weeks, which will hinder his progress.    James Harrison’s knee is still a problem as the Steelers are not talking about when he could return to the field.   David Johnson, the Steelers starting fullback will miss this entire season after an injury in last weeks game against the Eagles.    There is also speculation that Big Ben’s rotator cuff will end up being a problem this up coming season.   Although, I am not convinced, I would not be surprised. Max Starks is also coming along with his injury rehab, and he is hoping to be ready to play by the first or second game of the season.

As for position battles, the offensive line has been fun to watch.   The depth of the line this season is the most encouraging aspect of the battle.   The fact that Max Starks may not be counted on to save the day this year is extremely encouraging.   It also helps that Willie Colon has stayed healthy and he will be the opening day starter at guard.    David DeCastro also has an opportunity to win a spot on the offensive line which shows how much talent he has.   He along with Mike Adams are both Rookies this season.

As for The Mike Wallace Situation, his hold out rolls on, and by the looks of it, he is doing this on his own.   It does not sound like his representation is on board with his hold out.   To top that off, he is getting dangerously close to becoming a non factor for this upcoming start of the season.   There is little chance you can step into a brand new offense as a starting wide receiver and make a contribution with only two or three weeks of practice under your belt.    Maybe a long time veteran, but Wallace is still relatively young and I would not consider him to be the type of player that could make a quick contribution without some time in training camp.

Here is a story for the old school football fans.   For the past few days, Antonio Brown and Ike Taylor have not only been going at it on the field, but they also have been going at it on the field.   To say they have not been getting along well, would be an understatement.   Though, Ike came out and said they are all good after a dinner this past weekend.

There was much debate on the radio today regarding fights and arguments during training camp.    After hitting the same guys for three weeks, and then having to go back to the dorm and living with each other that closely, I am surprised the fights have not carried over more.    You hear veterans talk about the good that can come from it, though in the same breath, today’s game is different and keeping your team as healthy and rested as possible is one of  the most important things you can do as a coach.




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