One More Time, Can The UnderDawgs Win?

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The SEC title game is today.  We’ve been waiting.  We’ve been waiting to see if LSU can lose.  They beat Arkansas, they beat Alabama, and now they get a crack at the Dawgs, but can the Dawgs actually pull the upset?

It seems that everyone thinks the Georgia team is built to beat the Tigers.  Even though this Georgia offense is not spectacular, they could be running a lot and avoiding the insane defensive backfield of LSU.  So, I suppose that it is possible that the Dawgs might have a shot.

So, can it happen?  Yes.  Only, there’s one condition.  It doesn’t have anything to do with the defense, or the offense, or anything like that.  They could run the ball a lot and that would really help.  However, that’s not it.  It think it’s time for the Georgia defense to have an awakening.  A change of mindset.

The Tigers are going to run two quarterbacks out there and try to confuse a Georgia defense that has been much maligned since the middle of this century.  It’s been really hard for a Georgia defense to get off the ground, stop anybody, or get any respect.  Sure, UGA needs to run, but their defense needs to have a coming out party to say that they can actually stop someone when it counts.

They have never been able to do that, and it has been a problem for quite some time.  We aren’t just talking about a team that needs to have a gameplan.  No, we are talking about a team that needs to plan for a new identity.  They have to forge one in holding this LSU offense to nothing.  Then, they can run the ball and let the chips fall where they may.

There’s no other way for Georgia to win this game.  There just isn’t.  Let’s hope it works–that would make for a much better game.

Creative Commons License photo credit: popofatticus


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