Oklahoma State Proved Their Point

Josh Cooper
Now all we have to do is wait and see if the voters and the computers and the Harris Interactive have taken note.  Not only did the Cowboys beat Oklahoma, but they spanked Oklahoma.  44-10.  I think that is convincing enough.

It would have been one thing if the score had been really close and OSU just eeked it out.  Then I could understand a voter deciding, “Nah, you’re not good enough.”  However, you know what, Alabama was idle, and OSU killed OU.  That is pretty much everything I needed to see.  Sure, it LOOKED like the two best teams in college football were LSU and Alabama.  Now, it’s LSU and OSU.

LSU turned on the jets after a slow start against Georgia.  They had everything they needed for a great win.  This means that they are still who we thought they were.  Then Okie State proved that there is no way you can deny them.  Two teams won their conference titles yesterday, resoundingly, and those two teams are LSU and Okie State.

I feel bad for Alabama, but it is the way that it is.  They didn’t get a chance to play this weekend so they lose all the juice that they had before now.  Okie State took it by killing Oklahoma and making it pretty much academic for those of us who are watching.  I defended Alabama until someone else had a case to take them over.

Okie State has made the case.  They proved that they are number two because they stepped up when they needed to.  With all the other losses around the 9-6 loss Bama took to LSU, we needed a rematch.  Now, we don’t.  It’s pretty obvious, and I’m glad bedlam created clarity.

Let’s just hope that the voters and the computers know the difference when the BCS rankings come out.  I’m willing to change my tune when I have good reason.  OSU gave me good reason.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ShuttrKing|KT

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