Ohio Resolution asks for Schafrath Induction

As Michael Douglas says as President Sheppard in the movie “The American President,” We have serious problems in this country, and it’s time for serious people to solve them.”  This would seem to be the case, however as these problem grow and grow, State and Federal governments continue to focus on sports related problems to fix.  Thus letting other more gripping problems continue to fester.

The Justice Department is looking into the BCS.  The states of California and Connecticut have passed new laws pertaining to Scholarship problems.  Now the State of Ohio, mired in Union problems and budget snafu’s with a Governor who helped lead Lehman Brothers down the Bankruptcy path, will look into why former Cleveland Browns Offensive Lineman Dick Schafrath isn’t in the Hall of Fame.

In a vote of 83-8, the state house voted to adopt a resolution urging the Hall in Canton, OH to induct Schafrath.  Schafrath was a State Senator for several terms.

According to the resolution, Schafrath’s record of personal and professional achievement stands as a hallmark worthy of emulation.  It goes on to say Schafrath has inspired countless individuals to excel in numerous endeavors.  With or without national acclaim Schafrath’s accomplishments and leadership are a justifiable source of pride.

Mansfield area State Representative Jay Goyal co-sponsored the resolution.  He gave high praise to the Former Brown and Buckeye.

“He is both a distinguished public servant and football great who is deserving of this high recognition.”

This might be the case.  Schafrath might be very deserving of the Hall of Fame honor.  But can these elected officials actually go back to their constituents and with a straight face.  And with that face explain to them how they can take up government time for such a trivial matter?

In a state where Unions are being persecuted, teachers are being ripped apart and Pensions are being taken away, these people want to waste time on this?  The budget, as we are told everyday by the governor, is out of whack and there are cuts to be made everywhere.  Meanwhile the state officials have racked up several hundreds of thousands of dollars in mileage.  Then go back to their districts and explain they drove back to Columbus to take a vote on this resolution?

Schafrath may be deserving of the Hall, but this isn’t the way.  Our government officials have better things to do with their time.  And if Schafrath were still in the State Senate, he would probably agree.

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