Ochocinco Says “Time Is Up”

Ochocinco y CR7 son grandes amigos
The poor Bengals.  Scratch that.  The stupid Bengals.  They thought they had it going on with Chad Johnson and Carson Palmer as potent offensive weapons.  Now, Palmer is threatening to retire unless he’s traded, plus, now his best receiver is saying it’s time to go.

It seems that Chad thinks he’s done in Cincinnati, and that now would be a good time for the Bengals to step up and draft AJ Green.  As cute as that sounds, do we really think that’s going to happen?

The Bengals didn’t let him slink away before, and they won’t this time.  Really, all this does is add more drama to the Bengals’ plate.  They’re in the middle of this lockout purgatory, Carson Palmer wants out, and now their best offensive player besides Palmer is trying to sneak out the back door again.

You know the best part?  He said he’s done all he can.  Really?

Punking out on your team repeatedly and being a distraction everyday for at least the past five years is not “all you can do”.  Unless, of course, it’s all you could do to make it hard for the Bengals.

I would have cut him a million years ago, but that’s just my opinion.

Let’s say he and Palmer leave.  There’s a slew of talent on that team that will run for the hills like it’s 1999 again.  They’ll feel like they’re on a team that is going nowhere and the Bengals will be right back at square one.  Sure, Carson Palmer isn’t helping matters, but Chad piling on makes it much, much worse.

He tweeted:

“I love Cincy, but coach Lewis is mean to me now so I think I am gone.” 

That’s kindergarten language.

“He has gone over board to publicly [chastise] the one guy who loves him[.] I’m so hurt.” 

Really?  You have feelings?

Sorry, Cincinnati.  This is your superstar receiver.

Creative Commons License photo credit: americanistadechiapas

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