Not So Fast

Before Monday night’s game versus the Eagles, word came out that the Redskins had given Donovan McNabb a brand new huge contract.  People were asking themselves, why would a team and a player who obviously have problems with each other agree to such a seemingly outrageous deal?! Not so fast my friends.  Once again, things are not as they first appear.

The Redskins have an out clause in the deal.  This clause states that at the end of this season the Redskins can cut McNabb and owe him NOTHING.  Not a single penny.  They can use him the rest of the season and then cut him loose free and clear.  This then begs the question, why would McNabb sign, but we will get to that later.  The 5-year deal is still worth $78 million. McNabb has already made $3.5 million from a signing bonus that was part of the deal.  If McNabb is on the roster for the start of next season he will receive a $10 million option bonus. Then, there’s his 2011 salary of $2.5 million and a $750,000 roster bonus.  But this is all contingent on whether or not the Redskins decide to keep him after this season.

Given McNabb’s performance of late, I would say that things are not looking good for his return next season to the Redskins.  Add that to the fact that there are significant issues “apparently” between McNabb and Shanahan and it looks less and less likely that he will return.  His performance against the Eagles on Monday night also did nothing to help his cause.  This season McNabb has thrown 9 touchdowns and 11 interceptions and has a passer rating of 75.2. He’s completing just over 57 percent of his passes.

McNabb by all accounts is a class act as a person and a player.  I’m not sure what the deal is between him and Shanahan or if there is any deal at all.  The media has a tendency to make controversy out of nothing.  McNabb has been fighting a hamstring injury and he has had some less than stellar performances this year, which leads one to think that the Redskins are not going to bite on this 78 million dollar deal and that next season McNabb will be looking for a new home.  But stranger things have happened, so it’s always best to step back and say not so fast.

© Photo By Kevin Burkett

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