Not Again!!!

Ball in Air - Being Hiked to Brett FavreBrett Favre has reportedly texted in that he will retire.  Several Vikings players have claimed that they received a text from the former Green Bay Packer claiming his time was up. 

And I don’t believe it.

Favre has supposedly retired how many times now?  And when does he usually lean towards not playing another season?  During training camp of course.  And when does the season start?  September.  Okay will if he files his retirement papers sometime in August I will believe it, but the truth is that Favre never shows interest in playing in the first week of training camp. But in a few more weeks after the intense conditioning drills are over, my bet is that Favre will be much more interested in playing once again. 

Now ESPN is reporting as if Favre has officially retired from the NFL and a few of their analysts are in fact now claiming that the Vikings will miss out on the playoffs because of Favre’s departure.  But with all the signs leading up to this being positive, I think their is still definitely a chance that Favre will in fact return.  Favre was just recently working out with high school students and challenging college baseball teams to force him to come back.  This is the most indecisive man in the world.  

But maybe this time it is really happening and maybe Favre will not actually play until he is fifty.  If that is the case then the Vikings team takes a real hit.  Although they have one of the best running games, one of the best pass rushes, and plenty of budding stars at receiver…I still think the loss of Favre will make them at least a bubble team to make the playoffs alongside the Bears in the NFC North.  If only the team was notified sooner they could have gone a different direction.

And perhaps Favre is just too old to take the punishment of an NFL season and perhaps he knows he can’t top his performance last season? Maybe his body has finally not been able to respond to injury fast enough and maybe he doesn’t think he can overcome that terrible last play of the season? 

And right now on ESPN they are showing Favre’s top ten greatest plays of his career. 

And one might not have happened yet. 

 Creative Commons License photo credit: Bjorn Hanson

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