No Vikings For You

The Minnesota Vikings appear to be very close to finally signing a deal to remain in Minnesota for the long term.  That means that the Vikings are no longer in contention to be a team that would move to Los Angeles.

For many months now speculation has been rampant along with rumors about what teams might make the move to Los Angeles if they are successful in bringing an NFL franchise back there.  The Vikings were one of the most rumored teams given the fact that their lease with the Metrodome expires at the end of this year’s regular season and the reluctance in some quarters to build the team a new stadium.

The Vikings had said that if they did not get a new stadium that they would seriously consider moving the team.  This kind of rumor and speculation has gone on now for months. In fact, the entire season to this point.  But it looks like things could be changing in Minnesota.

According to Peter King, it’s no longer a question of if the Vikings sign a new deal but when.  It looks like a deal is imminent for the Vikings to agree to stay in Minnesota and to get a new stadium.  This would then eliminate them finally from rumors of moving to Los Angeles.

The stadium details are still  yet to be worked out.  The team would prefer a stadium in suburban Ramsey County but the state would prefer a stadium in downtown Minneapolis.  The cost is also yet to be worked out including how much would be on the taxpayers.

For now though, it looks like Minnesota will be keeping their football team and that there is 1 less team in the running for a new franchise in Los Angeles.  No Vikings for you LA, no Vikings for you.

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