No Upset Saturday

Usually, during college football season, there is at least one pick for an upset on Saturdays, but this weekend I’m just not seeing it.

Sure there are those who would try to make an upset out of a molehill but they are just trying to inject some controversy and conversation into an otherwise cut and dried college football Saturday.  The main “upset” being bandied about is Auburn over Mississippi State, but I just don’t see it.  People want to give Auburn the benefit of the doubt and want to downgrade the Bulldgogs.  But Auburn’s game last week, which they should have lost given how they played, does nothing to instill confidence for this week.  And the Bulldogs are for real something a lot people want to push aside because well it’s Mississippi State.

Out of the rest of the ranked games this weekend, there just isn’t anyone who stands out as a possible upset contender.  Georgia MIGHT pull it out over South Carolina but that’s a huge long shot.  Penn State over Alabama….not hardly.  There just isn’t one that stands out as a possibility.

I think most of the ranked teams today will have an easy time of things.  I think there will be some very lopsided scores as is the case in many a college football game where a ranked team takes on an unranked team.  In the gamewhere both teams are ranked things might be a little closer.  Alabama/Penn State is the only ranked/ranked game on Saturday.  Number 3 versus number 23, not exactly a closely ranked matchup.  But the game is at Penn State and they always play hard at home.

The in conference matchups are interesting and of course mean more to the respective teams conference aspirations.  They might be close games in some cases.  But upsets will be rare and probably nonexistent in those matchups as well.

So, while a lot of the talking heads may try to drum up some upset talk, it’s not likely that there will actually be any on this college football Saturday.


  1. Toledo maybe? Good call Deborah….

  2. Maybe Toledo maybe not long time to go yet. Maybe Auburn but game still has tons of time. I am astounded at lack of defense on most teams receivers and runners just move and score at will.

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