No Need for Answers from Petrino

Should Arkansas cut off the head of their head football coach or leave that for another day.  That seems to be a possibility after the latest Bobby Petrino escapade last week.

Yes Bobby Petrino has made bad choices.  Yes he can be morally questionable at times.  Yes he has several questions to answer.  But let’s make one thing clear.

Those questions are not answerable to the Arkansas football fans or the media.  That is not a popular stand right now.  Arkansas fans and the media think Petrino should stand up and air all his dirty laundry.  Why?  Simply because he is the Head Football coach of a major state University.

That is beside the point.  Petrino is only responsible to his family and anyone involved in the motorcycle accident last week.  That means the media and fans that are against him should quit using a personal mistake on his part to get him fired.

This incident has nothing to do with his ability to coach football.  Granted many are not in favor of that aspect of his life either.  This corner is not a great fan of his coaching ability either.  However he does have a winning record and has made the Razorbacks into a National Championship contender.  In other words, he is performing the job the school hired him to do.

Some will say he cannot expect his rules to be followed for the football team since he is guilty of adultery.  First things first, Petrino has not admitted to an affair with Jessica Dorrell.  He only admitted to a previous ordeal.

“My concern was to protect my family and a previous inappropriate relationship from becoming public,” Petrino said.  He offered no explanation on the “previous inappropriate relationship.”

Pardon the “attorney-speak” however it is possible Dorrell had never ridden a motorcycle before and just wanted a ride.  Petrino could have been done with work for the day and accommodated her.  This simply may be an accident with a pair of friends taking a ride.  Certainly the time of day doesn’t lend credence to that, but it also acknowledges the public has no business in this matter.

Most coaches, Petrino not excluded, have moral clauses in their contracts.  Petrino’s contract says he can be canned for ”engaging in conduct, as solely determined by the university, which is clearly contrary to the character and responsibilities of a person occupying the position of head football coach or which negatively or adversely affects the reputation of the (university’s) athletics programs in any way.”

This is a broad clause and can be used to fit anything the university wants if they feel the need to terminate Petrino or any other coach.   For example, had Petrino upset a high ranking official at the University for simply attending a political event, it could be construed as a violation of that clause.  In other words, Petrino works for the University and they don’t need a reason to fire him.

But, Petrino has no responsibility to the media or the fans to answer every question they have.  He has only one responsibility to them.   WIN!

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