No Great Loss

The Patriots have decided to call it quits with the experiment known as Albert Haynesworth and it’s no great loss.

Haynesworth has been with the Patriots for 8 games.  In that time span, he has contributed next to nothing.  He has been out of shape to start.  He has been injured.  When he was on the field, no one noticed.  It is not surprising that the Patriots have decided to divest themselves of him and sooner rather than later.

The Patriots gave up a low round draft pick in order to take Haynesworth on.  It is no great loss to let him walk out.  Teams will have 24 hours to claim Haynesworth off waivers.  He would be owed and estimated $750,000 of his $1.5 million base salary if claimed by Wednesday afternoon.  If nobody wants him, then he would become a free agent.

There are teams out there that could use a defensive tackle, but taking on Haynesworth means taking on his apparent lack of preparation and his obvious lack of performance over recent years.  Along with the fact that he seems to cause nothing but discord on the sidelines and probably in the locker room.

It has been reported that during Sunday’s loss to the Giants, that Haynesworth got into a sideline shouting match with Patriots defensive line coach Pepper Johnson.  The Patriots have denied this had anything to do with his release, but anyone who has watched the Patriots over the years (remember Randy Moss’ outburst and dismissal) knows differently.  Allegedly, Haynesworth was told his behavior did not factor into the decision to let him go, but that he was just not the right fit with the Patriots and they wanted to end it now.

I still contend that the Patriots issues at least in some part on the field lie in things that are off the field and Haynesworth was one of those issues.  No, his departure won’t fix the defensive problems, but it eliminates a potential one.  I think that more changes may be coming as well.  The Patriots tend to eliminate that which does not fit or conform and there are several players who fit that description right now.  For most of them if they should be shown the door, just like Haynesworth, it would be no great loss.

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