No Discipline for Michael Vick

2011 Philadelphia Eagles Schedule VickWhat was I just saying about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell not abiding by the drug and behavior standards he puts in place but then fails to enforce? How about that Goodell should stop worrying about testing for HGH and start dealing with the problems already on his plate. Like Michael Vick, for example.

Vick will not have to face discipline for that birthday party gone wrong in June where there was a shooting. He will, however, have to “live up to higher standards” now. Instead of disciplining Vick, the league will help him “make better decisions for him and his family” by providing “additional support measures.”

I thought that’s what prison generally did for a person. He couldn’t make better decisions after being in jail? The NFL has to help him to do this? I don’t know about Vick, but if I was in the klink for almost two years, I’d think twice about having a birthday party late into the morning at a club with people that got me into trouble and sent me to prison in the first place. But that’s just me.

If prison didn’t drill this into his head, does the NFL seriously expect it is going to be successful in this? More than that, how many second chances can Vick receive before he “gets it.” Do we need to call Dr. Phil?

No word, of course, from the NFL on what exactly these superior measures are going to be… but I can’t help but get a bad feeling about the whole thing. How about you?

Creative Commons License photo credit: RMTip21


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