No Controversy

For anyone who still believes there is a QB controversy in Denver, please think again.  There is not one except the one induced by the media and the rabid faithful of Tim Tebow.

In John Fox’s mind, in the Denver Broncos mind, the starting QB is Kyle Orton.  End of story.  There is no controversy and I am not sure there ever was.  I do think that the Orton was out in the trade waters, but just a bit.  I am not convinced it was the Broncos doing though.  I can imagine that Orton is not thrilled in the environment of Denver where a lot of fans would rather see Tebow because he’s “exciting” and lose games than to see Orton and win games.

Just this week, I saw a photo of a fan at a Broncos game with a Tebow jersey on except the name on the back of the jersey was Jesus.  I kid you not.  These fans are absolutely convinced that the best thing for the Broncos is Tebow.  They are also convinced that winning and losing isn’t the point anymore.  Just having an exciting, media covered QB, who is also a nice guy is what matters to these fans.  If Tebow were to play and the Broncos were to lose every game there are fans, and a lot of them in Denver, who would be just fine with it.  I’m not making this up.  I have had actual conversations with these people.

But there is no controversy between the hash marks.  Witness Broncos head coach John Fox’s comments, “He’s an excellent young player. With time, he’s just going to get better and better.  When you take a spread offense quarterback out of college and try to convert them to a pro passing attack under center, it takes a little time.”  This is where Tim Tebow is at for the Broncos.  This is where he will remain until such time as Fox and Elway and others feel that he is “converted” into a real NFL QB.

As for Orton, Fox had this to say, “First of all, I think you’re always having discussions, and I can’t speak — just out of respect for players — exactly where that was. But we’re always looking at ways to improve our team. (Orton is) a part of that team and is actually getting first team reps.”  In Broncos practice, between the hash marks, Orton gets the reps with the FIRST team.  Orton is the Broncos starting QB.  Orton is the guy Fox and the team is building he offense around.  And according to several reports, Orton is the guy that other players on the team have their trust in.

I have said it time and time again, I am certain Tebow is a nice guy.  I am certain that his fans love him.  I am certain that he has an outstanding work ethic.  I am also certain that he is not ready to be a starting NFL QB.  I am also certain that the Broncos feel the same way.  There is no controversy.

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