Nick Fairley Drove How Fast, And With What? (Let’s Learn To Forgive)

We’ve all made stupid mistakes, so, I can’t really judge Nick Fairley for getting a DUI or driving 100 mph or anything like that.  I’m done with that kind of thing.  However, I think we can talk about what this means for the Lions and what it means for Fairley and the NFL.

I mean, he’s going to get suspended for this one way or the other.  I can see anything from one game to six games.  I mean, I don’t know what you would choose.  It sounds bad.  Someone could have gotten hurt, but, he got caught and nothing bad happened.  So, there’s no cover up or anything.

What the league chooses to do to Fairley, I hope that the greater benefit here is that he gets a chance to stop doing whatever it is that makes him feel like he should drink and drive.  I think that’s far more important.  So many people have so many more issues than whether a rich athlete does something bad, but the athlete himself, he should be able to have enough privacy to deal with his stuff.  So, I don’t think we can belabor this point too much so that the he can move on.

To Nick Fairley I say this:

I’m glad no one got hurt, and I’m sure you feel bad enough.  So, shaming you isn’t going to do anything.  It’s not cool anyways.  I mean, we forgive you.  Well, I do.  I get it.  You made a mistake and you feel like crap for it.  It’s all good.  You seem like a decent enough guy, and if people want to disagree with that, then fine, but I’m done talking about this.  I hope you can get help and not drink and drive anymore.

That’s all I’ve got to say…about that.


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