NFLPA Decides Against Draft Night Event

The NFL Experience - Super Bowl XLV
The NFLPA thought better of themselves and reports are that they are not going to attempt to host an event on the first night of the draft as had previously been rumored.

Roger Goodell, George Atallah, and even I expressed concern that the players who were being drafted this year early in the first round would be missing out on a great opportunity.  I think, in the end, the NFLPA realized they couldn’t compete with a game that they need to have a part in.  It just didn’t make any sense for them to antagonize the game even more.  So, they are going to do something else.

It seems they will try to have an event, but on a different day.  That’s a good idea.  You can honor the players that got drafted, bring in veterans, old players, and others to speak to the new draftees and you can formally welcome them to the family.  Since the kids who get drafted can’t go work out at team facilities or even meet their coaches this is good way to get them into the fold.

I also appreciate that the potential draftees realize what a great opportunity this is and that they aren’t just going to jump in the NFLPA’s boat because they feel like they should, or they don’t like authority, or because they want to stick it to the man.

Julio Jones’ attitude is great:

“I have not heard anything about that[the draft], but hopefully I will be there to shake the commissioner’s hand.  Yes, sir, I want an opportunity to go to New York and be able to experience that.”

I hope the draft goes off without a hitch so we can see something positive in this dreary labor climate.  Lord knows we need it, and these players should have their day.

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