Since I’ve basically made an idiot out of myself or have had myself made into an idiot with picks gone bad….why not add another week to it!  Here goes…


SF @ KC – I think the Chiefs keep rolling and take down the 49ers.  It’s going to make some people start asking….are these Chiefs for real or are the 49ers just that bad?
BUF @ NE – Patriots win and win big.  This will be a blowout – I’m 80% sure lol
ATL @ NO – Should be a very good physical game.  Lots of defense yet again.  I want the Falcons to win but I think the Saints will pull it out….but it will be close.
PIT @ TB – Well now, the Bucs are 2-0…do they keep it up this week?  Not against the Steelers defense.  Defense wins again and so do the Steelers.
TEN @ NYG – The Gi men go down again.  Titans all the way in this one.
DET @ MIN – O boy perhaps my most want to see game of the weekend.  Can the Vikings go 0 and 3 and fall to the MUCH improved Lions?  It could happen.  I’m going with the Vikings to pull it out but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the Lions win.
CLE @ BAL – Ravens….is this even a question?
CIN @ CAR – Bengals.  Carolina has a brand new QB on the field.  Fresh meat.
DAL @ HOU – Houston wins and Dallas goes to 0-3.  Dallas isn’t a team that doesn’t know who they are….they are a team where the players don’t like each other.  Plain and simple.  They do not get along off the field – in practice – in the game.  No trust.
WAS @ STL – Another interesting match up, but I think the Redskins win this one….despite Haynesworthless.
PHI @ JAC – Michael Vick to the rescue – I’m rooting for him all the way.
SD @ SEA – Happy Feet plays on and the Chargers win.
OAK @ ARI – Raiders win this one.  This is a toss up but Raiders have a new QB – one that I think can win games – so they get the slight edge.
IND @ DEN – Colts win….big.
NYJ @ MIA – Dolphins.  Jets are down Revis – they have all the Braylon Edwards backlash to deal with – be careful what you wish for.  Looks like hype and a bad boys image brings trouble- who knew.
GB @ CH – Aaron Rogers makes the Bears look foolish and stops all this Cutler is great talk.  Thank goodness.
Well there it is….my weekly embarrassment…..everyone needs a little humility in their lives…even me.

© photo credit: mel_rowling



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