NFL Week 3 Picks

Since I’ve basically made an idiot out of myself or have had myself made into an idiot with picks gone bad….why not add another week to it!  Here goes…


SF @ KC – I think the Chiefs keep rolling and take down the 49ers.  It’s going to make some people start asking….are these Chiefs for real or are the 49ers just that bad?
BUF @ NE – Patriots win and win big.  This will be a blowout – I’m 80% sure lol
ATL @ NO – Should be a very good physical game.  Lots of defense yet again.  I want the Falcons to win but I think the Saints will pull it out….but it will be close.
PIT @ TB – Well now, the Bucs are 2-0…do they keep it up this week?  Not against the Steelers defense.  Defense wins again and so do the Steelers.
TEN @ NYG – The Gi men go down again.  Titans all the way in this one.
DET @ MIN – O boy perhaps my most want to see game of the weekend.  Can the Vikings go 0 and 3 and fall to the MUCH improved Lions?  It could happen.  I’m going with the Vikings to pull it out but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the Lions win.
CLE @ BAL – Ravens….is this even a question?
CIN @ CAR – Bengals.  Carolina has a brand new QB on the field.  Fresh meat.
DAL @ HOU – Houston wins and Dallas goes to 0-3.  Dallas isn’t a team that doesn’t know who they are….they are a team where the players don’t like each other.  Plain and simple.  They do not get along off the field – in practice – in the game.  No trust.
WAS @ STL – Another interesting match up, but I think the Redskins win this one….despite Haynesworthless.
PHI @ JAC – Michael Vick to the rescue – I’m rooting for him all the way.
SD @ SEA – Happy Feet plays on and the Chargers win.
OAK @ ARI – Raiders win this one.  This is a toss up but Raiders have a new QB – one that I think can win games – so they get the slight edge.
IND @ DEN – Colts win….big.
NYJ @ MIA – Dolphins.  Jets are down Revis – they have all the Braylon Edwards backlash to deal with – be careful what you wish for.  Looks like hype and a bad boys image brings trouble- who knew.
GB @ CH – Aaron Rogers makes the Bears look foolish and stops all this Cutler is great talk.  Thank goodness.
Well there it is….my weekly embarrassment…..everyone needs a little humility in their lives…even me.

© photo credit: mel_rowling


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