NFL Surprises and I Told You So’s Week 3

2010 New England Patriots Schedule
The one thing this NFL season hasn’t been is boring.  I have been surprised from the very beginning by so many teams, but there are a few I told you so’s in the bunch as well.

Surprised that the Patriots let the Bill rack up 30 points against them.  Yes, I knew their defense was young and inexperienced, but you cannot win against teams like the Dolphins if you are going to let a team like the Bills put 30 points on  you.

Surprised the Bengals are still winning despite that offense.  Or lack of it.  They put up 20 points on a very down Carolina team, but honestly I do not know how.  Palmer is just throwing crap around with all those talented receivers and he’s throwing pick after pick.

Surprised the Rams put 30 point son the Redskins and won the game handily.  That wasn’t much of a contest at all.  Not sure where the Redskins were but apparently not at that game.

Surprised the Ravens could only beat the Browns by 7 points and at several points during the game were trailing.  That’s another team whose offense is not very good and the defense carries the day.

Michael Vick was awesome – told you so.  Vick threw for 3 TDs and ran for another.  The Eagles won 28-3 and Vick looked absolutely amazing.

The Giants are not very good – told you so.  They just look terrible.  The left handed half hearted lob of a ball into the endzone for a pick by Eli Manning summed that team up perfectly.  It’s like they just don’t care.

Chiefs 3-0 – told you so.  The Chiefs have all the weapons.  I was a skeptic before start of season.  But they have put it all together.  They made the 49ers look even worse if that’s possible.

Falcons could win NFC South – told you so.  The Falcons have a great team on every side of the ball.  They fought New Orleans at every step and came away with the OT victory.

If the first 3 weeks are any indication, next week will bring even more surprises and I told you so’s – bring it on.

photo credit: RMTip21

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