NFL Should Listen to the Screams of the Dead

The football world is in mourning after the announcement of the death of Junior Seau.  Seau was found Wednesday in his apartment from an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

Attempts will be made over the next few weeks to determine why Seau committed something so tragic.  What could have been so overwhelming that continuing to live was something he couldn’t handle?  Already this death is being compared to other former players that have done the same over the past few months.

Police received a call Wednesday morning from Seau’s girlfriend, who said Seau was unconscious with a gunshot wound.  The Police arrived at Seau’s house and performed “life saving” efforts on him in his bedroom. A handgun was found near the body.  The police concluded Seau’s death was a suicide.

Seau’s pain had to be something unbearable.  To watch his mother breaking down in tears at the press conference, saying “Take me, take me, leave my son, but it’s too late.”  Who could put their own mother in that kind of pain just to alleviate their own?  Whatever Seau was going through it needs to be understood, and if the NFL has any part in these deaths Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league should be held responsible.

Dave Duerson, Ray Easterling and now Seau have all ended their lives.  If indeed Seau’s death was because of the pain endured during his playing days, just like Duerson and Easterling alleged, the NFL needs to take seriously the claims by retired players.  To date, Goodell and the league are not taking these claims to heart.  To the point where several class action lawsuits are being filed against the NFL.

Retired players want help; they want the league to acknowledge the pain of several years of injuries suffered.  They need the league to accept the fact and give them medical help.  However Goodell knows to admit that, the NFL would open themselves to many former players looking for money to help improve the quality of life.  That admission would cost the owners possible millions of dollars.

It still could.  If the former players can prove in court these injuries are long lasting and life impairing the NFL could be held responsible.  Certainly when you put on a helmet in the NFL the players takes a chance on injuring himself, in a possible life altering way.  That’s part of the game.  But the NFL owes these players a way out.  They deserve the help the league can give them.

If only Roger Goodell will listen to the screams from the families of Duerson, Easterling and Seau.

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