NFL Revamping Super Bowl Planning

In light of the many problems associated with the most recent Super Bowl, the NFL has decided to rethink their Super Bowl planning.  It is said that they want to plan for every eventuality.  While that may sound great, it just isn’t that realistic.

A lot of the problems surrounding the most recent Super Bowl involved a freak winter storm that showed up in North Texas causing flight delays, traffic problems and even parts of the stadium to fall off.  The NFL can plan all they want on how they might handle the situation if something like this happens again, but they cannot control Mother Nature.  If a winter storm comes it comes.  If they hold the game in California and an earthquake hits, things will get shaking.  If they hold the game in Florida and a tornado shows up, the wind is going to blow.  There’s only so much you can plan for.  Other things, you have no control over.

The NFL can make plans so that fans do not show up to the big game and do not have a seat.  They can plan so that when fans show up all the seats are in working order.  They can make it where all the tickets are valid and real.  They can make it where people aren’t paying thousands of dollars for seats behind visibility obstructions.  The NFL can choose a different venue where the owner’s ego isn’t bigger than the whole of planet Earth.  Those are things they can control.

It sounds all well and good when the NFL says things like they want to avoid the problems caused by the winter storm, but there is only so much to be done to address any kind of weather or natural disaster type situation.  If something like that happens, it happens.  There’s no controlling it and there is only so much planning that can be done.  Some things are just going to be out of everyone’s control.  The NFL should focus on what they can control to make the big game as enjoyable for the fans as possible.  Those are the plans they should concentrate on.

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