NFL Refs Better Pay Attention at the Lions Games

I didn’t think the “perfect game that was stolen” from Armando Glarraga would find its way into football news, but since Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz weighed in I had to comment too. Schwartz said he would have gone all gonzo and “lost his cool” and gone off on the ump that blew the call.

Creative Commons License photo credit: yodie ann

I happen to like this attitude. I think coaches in the NFL today are too calm and reserved. Where is the “what the deuce” outrage that used to exist in the Lombardi days? When did a coach showing emotion become a bad thing? I think it makes the game more interesting, makes the players keep their heads in the game, and makes the fan happier when they know the coach is emotionally invested in the game.

So when Schwartz said he might lose his cool if a ref would have blown the call the way that baseball ump did, he’d get all up in his face. I like that emotion. Especially on a team like the Lions. That kind of emotion is exactly what a team like the Lions need. The players and fans need to know that the coach cares enough to get upset when a call gets blown.

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