1)      Steelers: Roethlisberger brings stability to the QB position. The defense is happy to have him back.

2)      Jets: LT looks out to prove all the critics wrong this season. Guess the guy wasn’t washed up after all.

3)      Patriots: No more Mr. Moss, but Mr. Branch’s return was long overdue. But can they continue to keep up with the pace?

4)      Colts: Manning is the most valuable player in the league and every week he will be prepared to win.

5)      Ravens: Tough loss to a good team. The Ravens are still among the most talented squads in the league.

6)      Saints: Easy games against the Bucs and Browns will push them back into relevance, but will the run game work against better defenses?

7)      Falcons: Kolb torching the defense brings them back down to Earth. Maybe they are not underrated after all.

8)      Texans: Schaub can light teams up and the running game is among the most improved in the league this year.

9)      Giants: The defense looks nasty and the NFC East looks like there’s for the taking. Still not completely convinced yet though.

10)   Eagles: Kolb has given Philly a little bit of life and the defense looked strong last week. But who will be the man behind center this season.

11)   Titans: CJ will make this team playoff relevant once again this year. Two decent QBs never hurts either.

12)   Packers: Injuries are erasing any hope of this squad winning the Super Bowl. Too bad considering their hot start.

13)   Bears: Cutler needs more protection or else it might end up being a disappointing second half of the season.

14)   Redskins: McNabb lost a tough one to a strong team this week, but Washington is actually contending with teams again.

15)   Chiefs: Two tough losses in a row for the team with the strong start. 8-8 isn’t as bad as it sounds for a team that was terrible a year back.

16)   Vikings: Favre has a great new toy in Randy Moss and the two hope to expose defenses together. Get it.

17)   Dolphins: 3-2 isn’t bad for a team with Henne at the helm, but they did get to play Green Bay at the perfect time.

18)   Broncos: There 2-4 record is a bit misleading considering their tough schedule. Close loss to the Jets means they are relevant though.

19)   Bucs: A terrible loss to a great team, but Freeman should continue to make them at least competitive this season.

20)   Cardinals: Who is Max Hall? Maybe the best QB in the league. Okay, okay, I tend to exaggerate.

21)   Rams: Bradford has to be up for Rookie Offensive Player of the Year and they could win the NFC West.

22)   Seahawks: A big win this weekend for the club over struggling Chicago and another win next weekend over Arizona could make them in great position.

23)   Chargers: 2-4 and continuing to prove that they don’t have the defense or running game anymore. No more Gates could prove costly.

24)   Bengals: T.O. and Ochocinco are champs in their own minds. I guess that is enough for them.

25)   Jaguars: Without a reliable starting QB a team can only go so far. Jacksonville’s defense isn’t far behind either.

26)   Cowboys: They are #1 when it comes to unnecessary celebrations in the end zone, but the league’s biggest joke.

27)   49ers: The 49ers are on the board with a W and now the sky is the limit. They will need a lot of breaks to make the playoffs though.  

28)   Raiders: The lack of a healthy QB (or a QB at all) have hurt the side. McFadden’s hamstring injury certainly hasn’t helped either.

29)   Lions: Down goes Hill and Stafford still needs a little bit of time. Things could get a lot worse in Detroit.

30)   Browns: A rookie QB spells trouble for a floundering franchise, but it at least gets them a chance to look into their dismal future.

31)   Bills: Fitzpatrick will win a game this year, but don’t be expecting many games that will be won by this patsy in a fairly tough division.

32)   Panthers: Moore sucked so they went with Clausman. He sucked so now they go back to Moore. My prediction….the Panthers will suck either way.



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