NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

1)      Patriots: A huge win over the league’s best defense puts the Pats at the head of the table. Brady is still one of the best in the game today.

2)      Jets: They continue to edge out mediocre teams for wins, but down the stretch they need more out of Sanchez and the offense.

3)      Falcons: The Falcons have benefited from a weak schedule, but possess the best dual threat on offense of any club at the moment.

4)      Steelers: Roethlisberger put up impressive numbers last week in a big loss, but the defense looked fallible which is rare.

5)      Eagles: Vick explodes onto the scene with one of the greatest performances ever in the NFL. He’s no longer a single threat player.

6)      Ravens: Tough loss to Atlanta in the last minute last week and a guaranteed victory this week for the Ravens against Carolina.

7)      Colts: Despite all the injuries (Clark, Addai, Colley, Gonzalez) Manning will prevail. Mark it in the books again.

8)      Saints: Drew Brees is beginning to get his toys back. Reggie Bush expected back this weekend, Pierre Thomas in a week or two…this means trouble for everybody else.

9)      Giants: Eli Manning’s G-men looked terrible last week against Dallas and this week they will be tested against Vick and Philly.

10)   Packers: Clay Mathews as an Defensive MVP candidate and Aaron Rodgers engineering TDS creates two pretty tough sides of the ball for Green Bay.

11)   Bears: Another impressive win for a club that was struggling a few weeks back. Peppers looks like one of the best free agents in a long time.

12)   Bucs: A narrow defeat to Atlanta, followed up by a thrashing to Carolina, with a win this week in San Francisco the Bucs have one of the league’s best records.

13)   Raiders: A great running game and stingy defense have resurrected a franchise in Oakland. McFadden is nasty.

14)   Titans: Pretty soon the Titans need to just go with one QB, but if Young isn’t at full health then he will simply not win games.

15)   Chargers: Rivers is having an MVP type of year in the stats and the team is finally beginning to look like a playoff contender. I bet they step it up in the second half.

16)   Jaguars: A fluke win last week over the Texans puts the Jaguars in playoff contention. They are another strange team week to week that is hard to predict.

17)   Texans: Schaub being banged up isn’t good for their hopes down the stretch and the defense has been among the league’s worst for this sliding team.

18)   Chiefs: What a terrible game for the Chief defense against Denver! Looks like they are pretenders like usual.

19)   Seahawks: The best candidate from the NFC West needs their starter healthy if they want to earn their spot in the postseason.

20)   Redskins: The Eagles embarrassed the Skins last Monday night and that McNabb deal has many scratching their heads.

21)   Vikings: Favre’s final stand this weekend against Green Bay? Looks like this could be nearing the end for #4.

22)   Dolphins: Thursday night’s stinker reminds everyone yet again that Dan Marino is retired and the Dolphins present day QBs are not Dan Marino.

23)   Browns: The best terrible team in the league. The Browns can play with anyone and will likely narrowly lose. Except against the Pats who they apparently own.

24)   Rams: Bradford continues to put the Rams in contention, but they need wins against teams like the 49ers if they want postseason results.

25)   Broncos: They lose by over 50 to the Raiders then beat the Chiefs by 38. What is going on in the AFC West.

26)   49ers:  Troy Smith appears to be the temporary answer in San Francisco, but they damage may already be done for the season.

27)   Bengals: Only 2 wins considering their out of division schedule is pretty bad. Palmer’s days as starter could be numbered.

28)   Cardinals: One of the many cellar dwellers with serious problems at QB. They are a turnover machine with an overrated running attack.

29)   Cowboys: A new coach and a new attitude. Still have to expect typical Kitna performances down the road of 2 or 3 INTs.

30)   Bills: The signing of Merriman was bizarre, but they need serious help on defense. Worst D in the league.

31)   Lions: A loss to the Bills is pretty brutal. Stafford’s injury problems aren’t very comforting for the future either.

32)   Panthers: They look to start a stay at home dad at QB this week and they also put Deangelo Williams on the IR.

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