NFL Players To Begin Receiving Payment From NFLPA Lockout Fund

NFLThe former NFL players union will begin paying players from their lockout fund starting on April 15.  The payments will be spread out over six installments and come nowhere close to what they would be paid without a lockout.

Each NFL player who contributed to a lockout fund will be able to begin collecting up to a total of about $60,000.  That’s like a single quarter to some of these players.  So, it’s not like they are going to be making anywhere close to what they would if there were no lockout.  In an email obtained by the Associated Press the former union stated the board of directors, “approved the payout from the Lockout Fund to begin on April 15, in six installments or until the lockout ends.”

The fund was created through player dues and rights fees during the 2009 and 2010 seasons, reported. A player must have been on a 53-man roster for all 34 weeks of regular-season games during those two seasons to receive the maximum, according to the website.

No ruling on the lawsuit filing an injunction against the lockout is expected until mid April at the earliest.  Players are not being paid during the lockout and also are not receiving benefits, including health insurance. Players can take advantage of using COBRA up to 18 months to cover their health insurance during the lockout and the NFLPA told it’s members that the cost of COBRA can be paid for by the player or by the NFLPA.

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