NFL Lockout: Trickle Down Economics

The NFL lockout has been focused for the most part on the billionaire owners and the millionaire players who are fighting over more of the money pie.  Getting somewhat lost in all this money are the other people who will be affected by the lockout should it force the cancellation of regular season games.

Sports bars, jersey and hat retailers, beer sales, pizza and wing sales, stadium vendors, restaurants and hotels near stadiums and on and on it goes.  If there are no regular season games the people who will suffer most are not the owners or the players, but all the people and businesses that surround the playing of NFL games.  Those are the people who will suffer most financially.

Buffalo Wild Wings has said that if NFL games are canceled, they will see at least a 15% reduction in sales.  That’s a big hit for a business, any business, even a large chain like BWW.  They are not alone however in the potential financial losses.  Jersey and hat retailers in your local malls.  The beer sales and distributors in your town.  The pizza and wing restaurants down the street.  The vendors inside and outside the stadiums on game day.  The restaurants and hotels close to the stadiums.  It is not just the people at the top of these businesses, the owners, it is also all the people they employ.  The financial loss trickles down to everyone involved.

I have yet to see any real anger over this NFL lockout.  It has been almost exclusively the he said, he said of the owners and players.  The real people affected won’t start showing how they really feel until it starts affecting their bottom lines and that won’t happen until the league issues a statement cancelling games.  That may not happen.  But if it does, the people who will suffer most are the ones that are far removed from the millions of dollars at stake.  For their sakes, let’s hope the NFL and the players get their money pie issues resolved.

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