NFC Playoff Picture

The NFC playoff picture is a bit more complete.  There aren’t quite as many spots left to be filled and not as many scenarios to play out as in the AFC, but you still might need to print it out for this weekend’s games.

The teams that are locked in so far are the Packers with the NFC North and home-field advantage, the 49ers with the NFC West, the Saints with the NFC South, the Lions with a playoff spot and the Falcons with a playoff spot.

Still up for grabs, the 49ers clinch a first-round bye with a 49ers win OR a 49ers tie plus a Saints loss or tie OR a Saints loss to the Panthers.

The Saints clinch a first-round bye with a Saints win plus a 49ers loss or tie OR a Saints tie plus a 49ers loss.

The Giants can clinch the NFC East division with a Giants win or tie.

The Cowboys can clinch the NFC East division with a Cowboys win, period.

The remaining NFC slots and byes are completely dependent on the 4 teams involved in various scenarios.  The biggest game of the weekend in the NFC by far is the Cowboys/Giants game.  The winner goes on to the playoffs and the loser just goes home.  For these two teams, this game might rival a Super Bowl appearance.  It will surely be that kind of atmosphere.  Romo looks as if he will be able to go for the Cowboys, but what if he’s not 100% or he gets re-injured and the Cowboys win?  How will that affect them headed to the playoffs.

It will be interesting to see if the Panthers can put a roadblock up for the Saints giving the 49ers the bye.  Cam Newton will be surely doing his best to match Brees throw for throw.

Not quite as mind boggling as the AFC scenarios, but still plenty to work out just the same.

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