Next in line…

The Minnesota Vikings have a tentative stadium deal.  So, whoever is next in line to move to Los Angeles needs to step up.  Please head to window two and the NFL (and the LA stadium people) will be right with you.  We’re sorry for the delay, but the Vikings couldn’t get their act together and we’ve been waiting forever to find out what they were going to do.  Your call is very important to us…”booooooooooooop.”

The deal, which is not public yet, is for a stadium that will be on or near where the Metrodome is now.  That would keep the Vikings in Minneapolis and out of the suburbs.  This is a boon for the city of Minneapolis, but it may not satisfy fans who probably were anxious to see if the stadium could move a little bit out of the city center.  At any rate, they aren’t leaving Minnesota.

The deal has the Vikings satisfied with their costs on the new stadium, and, of course, they are getting public support from the state and city.

Now that the deal is done, who is next in line to move?  Well, Jacksonville is still right there.  The Raiders could end up going back to LA.  That would be even more likely, I think, if the 49ers can get all of their stuff together on the new stadium they want to build.

You could also look to the Titans (who, while they are liked in Tennessee) are not exactly in a glowing media market.  Then, there’s the chance of expansion (which has been reported.)  But, for now, the Vikings aren’t going anywhere.

Now we just need to see if they are going to use a retractable roof.  I think the ice bowls we could see played in the NFC North could get even more exciting if the Vikings were totally outside.

Sounds fun, right?


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