New Sheriff in Town With the Cleveland Browns

There are some changes happening with the Cleveland Browns this year. First the news that Jim Brown was booted out of management’s inner circle and now news that Jerome Harrison is being shown a lesson of sorts. The Browns have unsigned Harrison after he skipped some OTAs in the offseason. Harrison wants a new contract, and he may get it, but in the meantime rookie running back Montario Hardesty was allowed to run with the offense during media day today.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: rightbraining

To me, that means the Browns are definitely making a point here. A strong one. It’s in style with the way new team president Mike Holmgren seems to operate. I’m not saying it’s wrong, because Holmgren’s toughness certainly worked on getting the Packers whipped into shape and to a Super Bowl in the 90s. I’m convinced that Brett Favre wouldn’t be the legend he is without Holmgren’s coaching.

When I first heard Holmgren had decided to go to the Browns, I wondered if he might be a little loony. Who, after all, would want to take on that burden? But now I’m convinced this is actually fun for Holmgren, and we’ll be seeing the Browns win the Super Bowl in three years time.

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