New Orleans Saints – Coach By Committee

I love this expression as it applies to coaching the New Orleans Saints. What exactly does this mean? Drew Brees has been the team’s on field coach for the last few years anyway so doesn’t it makes sense to have him lead this committee. What a great opportunity for other players to step up to the plate and show their leadership skills in the locker room and on the field. Believe me there are plenty of them on this team.

The New Orleans Saints have been a team of “Firsts” since 2006. First team to score a touchdown on the first play of their existence. First team to lose their home to the largest hurricane in the USA. First team to play every game in one season away from home field. First team to lose their head coach for an entire years. You get the point.

What better “first” then to be the first team to be coached by committee? The Saints have proven to be a leader in this league and other teams often try to duplicate their techniques and play calling. This team will embrace the challenge of being without their head coach, assistance head coach and team General Manager and use this challenge to their advantage and they will win games.

Drew Brees has proven to be a willing leader by coordinating and managing offseason practices last year during the NFL lockout. This was no small feat to accomplish with having to arrange facility, trainers, insurance, and accommodations when needed. If players were not willing to follow him as a leader they would not have taking the risk of offseason injuries to a not known outcome of the lockout.

Let the position assistant coaches do their jobs and let the leaders on this team lead this team by committee to another winning season.

The only hiccup in this scenario is Drew Brees not yet signed to a long term contract or signed the franchise tag. Can you help us out Mr. Benson?

To Be Continued….

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