WR Chad Ochocinco
New England has signed Chad Johnson (in case we all forgot, I refuse to call him Ochocinco, but I don’t mind to put it in the title so as to not be confusing.)  They also picked up Albert Haynesworth.  Both of them fit into the same category as a guy like Randy Moss.


It’s the same category Randy Moss fits into.  The season he had with Tom Brady before they lost the Super Bowl (and their undefeated season) to the Giants was unreal.  However, it basically meant nothing because they didn’t win the Super Bowl.  Randy still doesn’t have a ring.

These two, Johnson and Haynesworth, are probably no different and that means that I have to stick to my rules about the Patriots.  When they are picking up guys that are troublemakers and SUPER talented, I can’t pick them to win anything.

Now, if you’re a Patriots fan, you’re probably mad at me, but you should be able to see the correlation.

Before Randy Moss, the Patriots didn’t deal with these kinds of guys.  Right?  They only dealt with “character” guys.  They had Troy Brown playing offense AND defense and they won two Super Bowls in a row to go with the one they won before that.  I mean, they had it figured out.

As soon as they also figured out that they had money, they should spend it, and some guys might be able to be reformed, they stopped winning.  It sounds kind of like the Yankees doesn’t it?  I mean, there’s a salary cap, but the Patriots weren’t out there for every free agent on the market.  When they took “every” free agent, they stopped winning.  That also means another Super Bowl is probably inevitable, but you’ll never catch me picking them to win one.

Good for Chad for getting out of Cincinnati, but this doesn’t change anything.

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