Nebraska Assistant Suspending Beliefs to Coach

In the American political climate today, we are expected to pick our fights with painstaking thought.  Evidently that memo was lost on Nebraska assistant football coach Ron Brown.

Brown rejoined the Nebraska coaching staff in 2008 and enters his fifth season on Bo Pelini’s staff in 2012.  Brown is responsible for the running backs on the Cornhusker staff.  However avoiding hits must be something Brown isn’t teaching, because lately he has taken many.

Brown, in a letter published in Sunday’s Lincoln Journal Star, said his Christian beliefs led him to express his opposition to a proposed Lincoln, NE ordinance to protect gay and transgender people from discrimination.  On face value, many would agree with Brown for dedication to his beliefs.  However, the more Brown wrote, the more you realized the hypocritical nature of the letter.

The letter notes that while he is against laws that protect gay people, he would never discriminate against gay players.  Brown will suspend his beliefs and faith on the football field and be man enough to coach a gay player.  What a moral stand Brown is taking.

What Brown is doing is checking his faith at the door.  Postponing his faith in the effort to receive a paycheck.  That’s all this is.  Brown knows unless a player “comes out”, he would never know the real truth.  He would never know if that player is straight or gay.  Kind of like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  Yet Brown thinks he is standing up for his beliefs by riding both sides of the fence.  How wrong he is.

How can a person profess their faith and desire to follow the Bible, then give their all to coaching someone who diametrically opposes something he bases his belief in.  A football coach that actually is throwing away his moral stature, yet expecting the player to stand up for theirs.

”I have and will embrace every player I coach, gay or straight … but I won’t embrace a legal policy that supports a lifestyle that God calls sin,” he wrote.  Simply put, Brown will celebrate a gay player having no rights against discrimination however will still use that player to fulfill his coaching career.

How can you have it both ways?   In the end what Brown is doing is ultimately hypocritical.

Certainly he has the right to stand up and voice his opinion.  That is a right given to ALL Americans.  However in the same breath, Brown is advocating the loss of rights for a player that might happen to be gay.  Still, he will hand that player the ball time after time if it means more wins for a Cornhusker program.

Can Brown separate himself from a player that might be arrested for drinking?  Theft?  Abuse?  See the pattern.  Brown has painted himself into a corner and it’s not a fair one.  Brown needs to be honest with the University and himself.  He needs to choose one way and follow it.  That be is following his faith and beliefs, or standing with a player that might happen to be gay and coach him.

It’s not either/or.

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