NCAA Looks Into Hurricane Program

This is becoming an “every Five Year” thing.  Whenever the NCAA seems bored, they always seem to turn their noses south.  They are pointing in the direction of Miami and the ocean, but not for the water.  They are intent on hammering the University of Miami Hurricanes.

Reports came out of South Beach Monday the NCAA was beginning another investigation on the Hurricane football program.  Nobody really knows the number of visits the Governing Body has made to Miami over the years.  It began when Jimmy Johnson was the head coach back in the middle 80’s, and it is continuing to this day.

Camouflage attire was the investigation of the day back then.  It’s easy to remember then-quarterback Vinnie Testeverde getting off the plane with that on and the rest of the team following “suit”, so to speak.  Since then the NCAA had Miami in their sites and when that happens, it’s almost worse than the IRS.

However now is another story.  It appears Ponzi schemes are all over America following the Bernie Madoff fiasco in which several hundred people lost their money, including actor Kevin Bacon.  Even some schemes have turned up in college football.  Most notably, Miami.

Hurricanes coach Al Golden has admitted in public and to the NCAA some of his players may have made mistakes.  This is the cause for the NCAA investigation.  It appears the questioning is revolving around convicted Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro’s role with the program.

Nothing has been disclosed about if Shapiro’s plan involved anyone at the University.  Or how the Ponzi was set up and how players were involved.

Golden is entering his first season with the Hurricanes. When asked about the probe, he said over the weekend he just became aware of the investigation into allegations that Shapiro gave more than a dozen former or current players gifts and services.  What kind of gifts or services Golden didn’t elaborate on.

Shapiro’s attorney, Maria Elena Perez, told reporters NCAA investigators visited the Miami campus Monday in the wake of allegations.  Shapiro is talking supposedly to get a reduced sentence.   Shapiro alleges he provided players with the use of a yacht and other favors.

Perez admits she and Shapiro have been talking with the NCAA about the matter for a couple of months and provided documentation and evidence.

The amount of what the players received is still a mystery because Perez said she hasn’t tallied up the value.   Shapiro had to show the details of all of his financial dealings to federal investigators.  Perez will ballpark the amount as “well over thousands of dollars.”

Perez also states also Shapiro has given the NCAA investigators the names of over a dozen but less than 100″ former Hurricane players who accepted gifts.

Every month it seems another school is being checked into by the NCAA.  This should be another sign to NCAA President Mark Emmert that his reluctance to provide reform to the by-laws of the governing body is ridiculous.

Now Miami has a chance to show just how much.

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