NCAA Letter: Tressel Only to Blame

Can Buckeye football fans now stand up and let go with a collective “O-H-I-O?”  Now is the time to laugh at publications like Sports Illustrated and networks likes ESPN.  Those are the media streams that predicted doom and gloom for the school in Columbus.

Maybe that is what Buckeye fans all over want to do, but they won’t.  Because now is the time to show the class Jim Tressel did when he left the Ohio State University.  Oh many, including the NCAA will say Tressel cheated and lied.  But that’s it.

The NCAA has alerted the Ohio State athletic department that it won’t face the most severe charges possible in the memorabilia-for-cash and tattoo mess that cost Tressel his job.  Investigators said there is no evidence that OSU failed to monitor its football program or any evidence of a lack of institutional control, according to a letter released Friday by the school.

In the letter the NCAA also said they found no other violations.

So where are the recruiting violations?  You mean with all the allegations ESPN hinted at the NCAA didn’t find a thing?  What about “cargate?”  ESPN and Sports Illustrated followed kids all over school, taking pictures of their cars and the players entering and leaving them.  Yet that “scandal” disappeared quicker than this story on Friday’s edition of SportsCenter.

Plus many Buckeye Fans must have missed the apology from Sports Illustrated as they implied over 20 players got cars by mysterious means.  Oh wait!   Sports Illustrated is sticking with their story, even though the “proof” they had was refuted by the State of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

In fact, The NCAA said that it investigated the Sports Illustrated report that said nine more players sold memorabilia to the tattoo parlor owner, but they could only confirm one had any dealings with the man.

In a story ESPN made their headline story for 5 months, it’s a sorry site that this letter only received a 30 second story.  No Report from Columbus or another story from Los Angeles asking USC how they feel about the reports from Columbus.

The point is the media, in particular ESPN and Sports Illustrated, jumped on this story and made a huge deal out of virtually nothing.  Something that has been written on here since the beginning.  A good man in Tressel made a mistake trying to help out KIDS.  Sure they are young men but still kids.  In the process, Tressel made a bad decision and lost his job.  End of story.  However ESPN and Sports Illustrated wanted to make it into something it wasn’t.

Now they should learn from this lesson.  Learn that as hard as they might, the truth comes out.  The truth being here that a good man lost his job, but the media wanted more.  They wanted blood.  It will be interesting to listen Monday Morning to ESPN Radio and hear what Mike “The Idiot” Greenberg has to say after he preached that Tressel not only should never coach again, but doesn’t deserve to.

The punishment will come out in August, but with this ruling the penalties Ohio State will receive are a lot less than they could have been.  No thanks to ESPN or Sports Illustrated.

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