My Dad’s Take On Peyton Manning

I love talking to my Dad about sports because he’s so doggone blunt about everything. We were sitting at dinner last night, the NCAA tournament is on the TV behind us, we turn around to watch it, we see a crawler on another TV that is running the four-letter network, and it has a thing about Peyton Manning. I ask him, “What’s the deal with Peyton Manning?”

This is what my Dad says about Denver pursuing Peyton Manning (yes, he went there without any prompting.) I’m paraphrasing, but, basically:

“Son, John Elway wants more than anything to prove once and for all that he is the man. That Dan Reeves was useless to him. That Mike Shanahan only has two rings because John Elway was his quarterback. That John Elway is the greatest football mind of the past 25 years.”

Ouch! Basically, my Dad just said that John Elway has the biggest ego in the history of mankind. But, think about it.

What happened, Dan Reeves left, Mike Shanahan got there, then Terrell Davis came and the Broncos won two rings. Who gets a TON of credit for that? Terrell Davis and Shanahan’s coaching of the running game–cut blocking and all that. So, if John Elway feels as though he is getting slighted in the “great quarterback realm” and he’s also being eclipsed by Andrew Luck as the greatest prospect ever, he needs to find something to boost his ego. Something to prove how much he means to football in general. That makes sense.

So, is John Elway that egotistical? I don’t know, but, you have to have some kind of ego to be that good, and, if he feels that way, I understand. So, going after getting Peyton Manning and making himself into a genius executive that wins a Super Bowl, that would further solidify his place in football history. He could be someone who goes into the hall of fame as a player and an executive.

Plus, he loves the Broncos and wants them to win. He’s not stupid. He knows how good Peyton Manning is. Why wouldn’t he at least give it a try?

But, basically, my Dad is right. Elway has to do this.

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