Must Win

040There are several really good games scheduled today in the NFL, but I think the one that means the most to both teams is the Vikings/Cowboys match up.  In reality, this is a must win game for both teams.  The team that loses is likely done for the season as far as playoffs go.  It’s the pivotal game of their seasons and they both need it, badly.

The Vikings will have Favre’s elbow issues to deal with as well as the fact that he has a scheduled meeting on Tuesday with NFL officials over his “sexting” issues off the field.  Favre is still not throwing balls where he should.  The Vikings are not running the ball because they are behind most games or they think the only way to win is to throw, throw, throw.  Without the run, they become a one dimensional team who is solely dependent on Favre not throwing interceptions.  With a bum elbow and a head full of off the field issues – the Vikings are just asking for trouble if they are going to depend on Favre to save them.

The Cowboys on the other hand STILL have not gotten a grip on their issues.  They play sloppy.  They play without chemistry.  They play “stupid” football making mistakes a team with their kind of talent should never make.  People have blamed everyone from Jerry Jones to the waterboy.  In reality, it is the players between the lines that are the issue.  There is something missing from the team and it’s chemistry and it’s because there are players on this team who sincerely don’t want to play together.  Of course, Dallas will probably get rid of their coach thinking that will solve their issues – and they will be wrong.  But I digress.  The team has every possible tool they need to win and go to a Super Bowl and win – but they just cannot do it.

So, who comes out on top in this game today?  The team that is less stupid and you can’t predict that.  It’s all up to the players and what’s going on inside their own heads and hearts.  Will Favre’s issues transfer to the field?  Will his elbow just plain give out?  Will Romo be able to shake his mistakes?  Will the Cowboys receivers start playing like they can? Will Randy Moss get all disgruntled because this Vikings thing is just not working out like he thought?  Will Favre throw 3 TDs or 5 interceptions?  Nobody knows.  Nobody.  But one thing is certain for both of these teams this game is a must win – period.

© photo credit: mrlaugh

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