Most Exciting Finish of the Week

Did you happen to catch the Washington Redskins and Texans game this weekend? It gets my vote for most exciting by far. Donovan McNabb actually looked really good, and did last week too. I didn’t expect him to fit in that quickly with the Skins scheme.

The Skins have surprised me but so have the Texans. They are a team to watch this year. So put the two together? And you have a great game. Like all great games, it went right through to overtime. Then, Gano tries a 52-yard field goal attempt – 52 yards – and MADE IT. It was his first career attempt at a field goal over 50 yards!

But whoops, the Texans called for a time out right before the kick. After the time out, you know it, Gano didn’t make the second try.

It’s this kind of great play calling that will keep the Texans winning this year. They came from 17 points down in the 3rd quarter to win the game. And the Skins? It’s about time they had an awesome season, and this is the year.

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