Moss, Moss Who?

The Patriots in their first game after the Randy Moss trade, came out and played the Ravens to overtime and then they played them to a win.  While Randy Moss was going 5 for 55 in Minnesota, the Patriots returning Deion Branch was going 9 for 98 and a TD.  It had the Pats fans asking Moss, Moss who when it was all over.

The game was back and forth the entire 4 quarters.  One team would go up and the other would come back and tie it.  It went on like this for 4 quarters.  Brady was having a very un-Bradylike day with 2 interceptions and a 27 of 44 passing attempt number.  Brady was spreading out the receiving yards over 5 receivers while Flacco was doing the same.  Both teams running games were moving along.  Total yards, passing yards, rushing yards – almost all the same.  Time of possession almost the same.  Each team had 3 sacks.  It was a game about being even, except on Brady’s 2 interceptions.

At the end of regulation, the game is tied 20-20.  The teams battled it out for almost the entire 15 minute overtime period with neither one able to score even a field goal.  And then, on the last possession of overtime, Deion Branch caught two passes of 23 and 10 yards that set up a field goal attempt with 64 seconds left in overtime and the Patriots win the game 23-20.  The Ravens defense was as fearsome as ever but the Patriots defense didn’t let up.  They kept the Ravens from scoring in an entire overtime period and held on for the win.

More than anything, I think this game showed 2 things.  Randy Moss needed the Patriots more than the Patriots needed him and the Patriots defense can stand up and under pressure and make sure the offense has a chance to win the game at the end.  For the Patriots, this could be season changing.  For the Ravens, it may be just a bump in the road, time will tell.  For this moment though, Pats fans are asking Moss, Moss who?

© photo credit: Brian J. McDermott

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