More Colts Drama (Or Irsay Drama)

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Jim Irsay says that the Colts have not made a decisions about whether they will keep Peyton Manning or not.  Well, since he fired all of the old front office and the head coach, I think that means HE hasn’t made a decision.

Earlier, he was sparring with Peyton on Twitter, and it appeared that things had reached rock bottom in terms of relations.  Now, he says that they have not made up their minds.  How can we possibly believe him when he says that Peyton:

“hasn’t been released nor was a decision reached weeks ago.”  However, NFL Network has reported that:

“the organization was planning to move on from Manning weeks ago.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it?  They’ll save millions and they clearly don’t get along with Peyton anymore.  So, how can Jim Irsay convince us that he’s telling the truth?  He can’t.  We’ll never know.  Likely, he will cut Peyton before his roster bonus kicks in.  The team will save money, they’ll draft Andrew Luck, and that will be that.

It’s also interesting to point out that stories that have been written about this have cited sources that were also cited when reports were done on the GM search for the team.  Think about it.

You are looking for a GM.  You ask every single person you interview if they are willing to be the guy who cuts Peyton Manning, or what they would do without Peyton Manning, if they think Andrew Luck should go number one, etc.  I guess I would ask those questions if that was my plan.  So, I kind of understand that.

Now, if we think that there is any way that Peyton stays, I believe we’d be lying to ourselves.  This marriage is over.  Plus, this team is run by a family of idiots.  That is clear now.


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