Monday Night Recap

Monday Night Football was back and after about 20 minutes I was changing the channel to baseball.  I did see the starters for both teams, who played, and was not that impressed by either team.

The Jets are going to have some serious issues with their O line.  They have a lot of injuries and last night they sustained even more injuries.  This is going to present a real problem for Sanchez going forward.  As it was, he was 6/7 for 43 yards.  Backup QB McElroy was quite serviceable, though not completely accurate.  He was 23/39 for 208 yards and 1 TD.  He also had 24 yards rushing.

For the Texans, a lot of their starters were out on offense for various injuries.  Chris Ogbonnaya had a good night both rushing and receiving scoring 2 TDs.  Matt Shaub looked a bit rusty going 2/5 for only 20 yards.  Matt Leinart looked pretty good though as his backup going 8/14 for 78 with 1 TD and 1 INT.  The Texans D had a field day in the Jets offensive backfield with over 6 sacks on the game.  Further exposing the Jets O line issues.

If not for a dropped pass, the Jets could have won the game.  But in this early preseason dropped passes and INTs are more the norm than the exception.  Rex Ryan after the game was not thrilled with the O line play, but there are so many true starters missing from that lineup that it’s hard to see why.  Maybe he just needed a sound bite for the press conference.

Gary Kubiak said of Wade Phillips new 3-4 defensive scheme, “In general, you could see they’ve grasped the nature of the defense.  We stayed away from giving up big plays.”  The team has only had a couple of weeks to learn the new system, so it is a work in progress.

Both of these teams right now are looking to have what I would consider mediocre seasons.  The reasons reside mostly with injuries.  If the injured can recover and get back on the field it will greatly improve both of these teams chances at a better showing during the season.

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