Monday Night Mania: The Streak Was Broken

Monday Night Mania has something special to offer this week between the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts. Houston just beat Manning’s club for the first time in franchise history earlier this season on the road and now Schaub will be given the chance to seal the series and take advantage in playoff seeding in the process.

Last week all three of our respected panelists were victorious with the Giants defeating the Cowboys, but this week’s game looks like a tougher pick:

The Human Pick AKA My Pick (5-1)

It’s an interesting match-up of two potent offenses and two mediocre defenses, so look for the score to be very high. Despite the fact that the Colts will not have Addai, Colley, or Clark, I still think their offense will find a way to continue winning games because of Manning’s ability to get the best out of all of his targets. Plus the Texans win over the Colts was like their first in just under ten years of football, so I doubt they will double up this season.

Final Pick: Colts 34-28

The Robots Pick AKA Madden Sim (3-3)

The Madden simulation game ended in favor of the Colts by a season high score of 52-45. Manning would throw 7 TDs and for 580 yards in the game and won the Player of the Game award in the process. Texans star Andre Johnson was robbed of the honor though, the wide receiver caught an NFL record 313 receiving yards in the game and one of his teamametes was tackled on the five yard line with no timeouts left on the last play of the game to lose. 

Final Pick: Colts 52-45

The Imperfect Pup’s Pick AKA Tory’s Pick  (1-5)

This week I went with political icons for the Tory pup to choose between considering we have an election week across America going on. For the Texans what would be more fitting team representative then a crude picture of George W Bush fondling the Easter bunny? As for the Indiana-bred Colts I decided to go old school with Benjamin Harrison the 23rd President of the USA and one of only two Indiana representatives to ever become Prez. Tory decided to go with Harrison for the Colts bowl over Bush’s bowl this week and the Pup hopes to continue his win streak of one game from last week.

Final Pick: Colts

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