Monday Night Mania: Jets-Patriots

This week has a very special match-up and I’ve actually already picked the game on my previous blog of the biggest three games of the week. The New England Patriots host the New York Jets tonight and the winner of this one just might end up having homefield advantage for the playoffs. But without further adeui let’s take a look at our panelists decisions.

The Human’s Pick AKA My Pick (10-1)

The 10-1 record on Monday night football is at serious risk this week with two superbly talented teams. I like the Patriots to level the score though, because I think it is hard for any team to beat them twice in the regular season. Brady and the Pats have looked more efficient this season then the Jets who have squeaked by a few weak teams with wins. They may have man-handled them in the beginning of the year, but the Pats will prevail.

Final Pick: Patriots 24-20

The Robot’s Pick AKA Madden Sim (6-5)

Madden sim likes the Jets to win 31-17 and LT will run all over the Pats with 156 yards and 2 TDs. Both QB’s would put up excellent numbers and Deon Branch would have 12 catches for 139 yards, but the Jet’s would win even more easily then the score indicates with a late garbage time TD by the Pats before the final whistle.

Final Pick: Jets 31-17 

The Prophet Pup’s Pick AKA My Dog Tory (4-7)

Tory is a streaky picker with a 5 consecutive wrong pick debut, followed by 4 straight wins, and now 2 straight losses again. My bet is that this week his pick of the Jets dog bowl will be incorrect again or at least I hope so for the sake of my own record picking.

Final Pick: Jets

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