Monday Night Mania: Dolphins VS Pats

This Monday night offers the Miami Dolphins VS the New England Patriots. And who will win? Let’s take a look at this week’s picks from our respected panelists.

The Human Pick AKA My Pick

Heading into this match with a 1-1 record I have to admit I like the star power of the Patriots over the stronger defense and running game of the Dolphins. The Pats have the superior offense although their defense has looked crummy so far this year, but I still think they will manage to control the wildcat and the Dolphins offense. The one major mismatch of the game is the Patriots cornerbacks VS Marshall, but I think that Belichick will have the defense greatly improved from an unimpressive Buffalo win.

My Pick: Patriots 28-24

The Robot’s Pick AKA Madden Sim

The Madden 2011simulation ruled heavily in the favor of the Dolphins which was a bit of a surprise. The home team would win 38-6 and Chad Henne would only throw one incomplete pass and three touchdowns on the day. Brady, on the other hand, was picked three times and didn’t score a single touchdown in the game.  Ronnie Brown scored three touchdowns and 100 yards rushing on the day and was the Player of the Game. Madden Sim is also 1-1 so far this season.

Madden’s Pick: Dolphin’s 38-6 

The Prophet Pup’s Pick AKA Tory’s Pick

My dog Tory is 0-2 on the season and wrongly picked last week’s game Bears-Packers and the Monday Night Mania opener of the 49ers-Saints. This week he selected to eat out of the bowl that had a picture of Larry Csonka on the bottom meaning that the Dolphins are the team of choice. He’s no Paul the Octopus, but can Tory be the imperfect picking pup?

Tory’s Pick: Dolphins


  1. http://Randall says

    Maybe Tory thinks he is supposed to eat the loser’s face off…? I am going to start betting against his picks!

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