Miles Hoping Isom can Kick a Football

For years soccer players have transformed themselves into kickers for football teams.  It’s not that big a stretch.  You kick a ball, no matter what the dimensions of the ball are, through a pair of posts leading into the air.  All this before several men rush towards you and either block the ball down, or hit the kicker.

It’s a daunting task for some.  Certainly the two teams that played for the BCS National Championship would love to have a kicked that can consistently put the ball through those goalposts.  Now LSU is working for the next three days giving a soccer player a shot at the job.

But this is no ordinary kicker.  Tigers coach Les Miles is pulling out all the stops now.  Miles has proposed and she, yes she, has said yes to his idea she take on the job as kicker for the LSU Tigers.

That ‘she’ is Mary “Mo” Isom, a six foot tall All SEC goalie for the Tigers soccer team.  Reportedly Isom can kick the ball 90 yards in the air.  After three year playing soccer, Isom has one year left of eligibility.  Miles is giving her a shot to prove what many people think is true.  If you have a problem with your FG kicker, go check out the soccer team.  However normally they say the men’s soccer team.

This is an interesting twist for Miles and D1 college football.  If Isom can deliver the goods and show she can do on the football field what Miles believes she can, it could change the gender gap in kickers forever.  Never will it be said “That’s a woman and she has no business on the field with men.”

If Isom makes the team she would be the first woman to kick for an NCAA Division I-A football team since Katie Knida, who played in one game for the University of New Mexico program in 2003.  Before everyone gets excited about this idea, keep in mind the Tigers already have an accomplished kicker in junior Drew Alleman, so Isom, should she make the squad, would be looking at a backup role.

So the idea of a woman kicker on the LSU team isn’t a real reach.  Even if Isom shows she can boot the ball, she still has no shot at kicking unless Alleman is injured or loses his talent altogether.  Still, the thought of a full-time kicker being a woman will make plenty of headlines and certainly change the dynamic of college football.

Miles could bring new meaning to the famous lines in the movie “Love Story”.  “Love is never having to say you’re sorry.”  Now Miles can add, “Just show me you can kick it through the uprights.”

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