The NFL has reached the midseason point.  Some teams have their eyes on the post season, some teams have no shot, and some others the media has decided they have no shot, when they clearly still do.  Let’s look at the facts.

In the AFC East, the three top teams have the exact same overall record at 5-3 with the Patriots, Jets and Bills.  All three of these teams are still in the running for the post season despite what the sports media talking heads would have you believe.  The Dolphins of course are out of it and were never in it, however they may also be playing themselves out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.  Big game upcoming this week – Jets vs Patriots.

In the AFC North, the scenario is almost the same.  The Bengals and Ravens are both at 6-2 while the Steelers are 6-3.   The Browns bring up the rear at 3-5.  The Bengals seem to have the momentum for now with a run of 5 wins in a row.  Big game this week – Steelers vs Bengals.

In the AFC South, things are a bit more spread out.  The Texans are at 6-3.  Titans at 4-4, Jaguars at 2-6 and Colts at 0-9.  The Titans still have a slim shot, but it’s dwindling fast.  The Texans are on a winning role with a streak of 3 games.  No big games in this division upcoming this week.

The AFC West is once again a shoot out of the less than stellar teams.  Three teams are at 4-4 now including the Chargers, Chiefs and Raiders.  The Broncos are at 3-5.  This is one of those divisions where you can’t count anyone out until much later in the season as it’s inherently bad.  The Chargers are on a 3 game losing streak as of right now. Big games this week – Chargers vs Raiders and Chiefs vs Broncos.

In the NFC East, the Giants are on top at 6-2.  The Cowboys are at 4-4, Eagles and Redskins at 3-5.  This division is up for grabs right now.  You never know what you’re going to get from these teams and the standings could all change in just a few games.  The Giants are on a 3 game win streak.  No big games in this division upcoming this week.

In the NFC North, no one else stands a chance against the Packers it appears.  They are still undefeated at 8-0.  The Lions are 6-2, Bears 5-3 and Vikings 2-6.  The Bears are on a 3 game winning streak. Big game this week – Lions vs Bears.

In the NFC South, the Saints are at 6-3 while the Falcons are at 5-3.  The Bucs are 4-4 and the Panthers are 3-5.  The Falcons are on a 3 game win streak.  Big game this week – Saints vs Falcons.

In the NFC West, no one cares but here it is anyway.  The 49ers have a 7-1 overall record.  Seahawks are at 2-6, Cardinals at 2-6 and Rams are 1-7.  The 49ers have probably already won this division by default.  No big games in this division this week.

Midseason – some are in, some are out and some are just rumored to be out.

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