Michael Vick Supporting the Team

I’m really impressed with Michael Vick right now. Judgment and decision making hasn’t been his strong suit, but he is showing a lot of maturity in how he’s handling questions about his return. The latest news is that he may sit out a few more weeks and return in Week 9. He’d sit out this coming week, then have off for the bye with the rest of the team.

Eagles Coach Andy Reid has continued to say that Vick is his number one guy right now, so when he returns he’ll get the starting job. USA Today quotes him as saying, “We’ve just got to take our time and re-evaluate the situation and make sure we do what’s best for the team … I think it doesn’t make sense to try to rush back and play and be hurting. The team has really jelled right now . . . There’s no reason to just break that up.”

The thing is, the team is jelling. The Eagles have responded under both Vick and Kolb, so why make an issue out of it? I’m glad Vick has the presence of mind to see that he’s in a good place right now. When he gets healthy, he gets a starting quarterback job. When Vick was asked about how it felt to have the confidence that Reid has given him, he said it was “awesome.”

I’d like to see this attitude continue. I know this is also difficult for Kolb, but the two of them together make something really special. I think they should embrace for as long as they can.

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