Miami’s Already Hurting

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Miami lost their opener to Maryland 32-24.  Both teams don’t have a great defense, but one would have thought that Miami would have had a much better time scoring on Maryland than vice versa.  We only have two options.  Either Randy Edsall is a miracle worker, or Miami is stinging from the controversy.

Personally, I think that Miami has basically started a throwaway season that they cannot stop.  They are in a tailspin that starts with NCAA allegations of major misconduct, and they are ending with the idea that they just are not as talented as they should be.  It’s a major disaster if you’re a Canes fan, and it’s a major boon if you’re a fan of any other team in Florida.

I know some kids that go to Florida State, and all they could say on Facebook was that it sucks to be Miami–and suck.  They are reveling in the fact that Miami is a mess.  It’s the kind of thing that I don’t think any of us expected.  Frankly, I thought that Miami was going to put their foot where Maryland’s sun doesn’t shine.  How else would it have gone?  I thought Randy up in Maryland would have needed a year to pull the Terps back together.

Instead, they put the Maryland state flag on the uniforms (which looked ridiculous by the way), and they beat up on the Canes.  I know they only won by eight points, but it seems like much more than eight.  Now the Canes have to go into an ACC season where they are probably not favored to beat anybody.  It’s a shame, but it’s true.

At least, if they were going well, they might be able to withstand the problems that they’ll have with the NCAA.  Now, I’m not sure how they’re going to get by.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ryantxr

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