Miami Raises Questions

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The problems at Miami raise many questions about how the NCAA is going to deal with renegade programs that are just rampantly handing out stuff to their players.  I know that everyody probably does a little something, but when there is an investigation based on improper benefits given to multiple players over a long time span that has records attached–you have to take notice.

I guess we can say that this was so much for the whole “remaking Maimi” thing and not being the bad boys that they were in 80’s.  Those days are clearly over (and the likely never started.)

So, the big thing is the death penalty now.  Would the NCAA actually give the Miami football program the death penalty and make them sit out for a whole year or something of the sort?

Well, given that nothing else has worked so far and the fact that we always talk about how the penalties that most schools get don’t really have any teeth–I’d say that it’s possible.

The big talking points are going to be about how someone can make a rule that will make a kid not want to take any improper benefits.  That means that the kids have to suffer if they take stuff they aren’t supposed to take.

Right now, the kids don’t suffer.  They just sort of sit there and go “wow.”

I’m not saying that we have to knock down every kid who gets an extra hat or an extra shirt, but I think maybe it’s time for some real tough love.  How much would it take before all of this stuff just stopped?  It probably wouldn’t–but we could get close.

The story is fascinating, but it is not fascinating enough for me to sit here and wonder if the Hurricanes are dead or not.

Chances are, nothing really bad will happen to them.  But, if it does, I’ll be the first one to echo my surprise.

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