McNabb Working Out With Old Teammates From Philly

Donovan McNabb really has no home right now, but he’s working out in the offseason like a good boy.  He was near Philly for the dedication of a neonatal unit at a hospital and apparently he jumped at the chance to workout with some of his former teammates.

Personally, I think that’s great.  However, what does this say about what went down in Philly?  Was it all T.O.?  Was it just the build-up of things like T.O. that led to Andy Reid being told Donovan was more trouble than he’s worth?  Or was it the ridiculous fan base that is Philadelphia?

You know it’s probably not the players from the Eagles specifically when Philly’s center, Jamaal Jackson, says:

“It was real good. It was refreshing hearing that laugh, that chuckle that you could probably hear from a mile away.  It was good seeing him. I’ll try to bait him up to stay out here a little while longer.”

Ok.  Was it Andy Reid?  I mean, I don’t think Andy Reid planned on waiting on Kevin Kolb forever, and we all saw the writing on the wall when Kolb was drafted.  Everyone thought the same thing.  That was the beginning of the end for Donovan.

So, it was ownership?  I mean, that was what we all heard.  We heard that someone came down from on high and told Andy Reid to move Donovan.  It started with fans booing him when he got drafted.  It didn’t help when he couldn’t win a title.  Then there’s the Rush Limbaugh thing.  After that you’ve got some mediocre seasons.  The stupid expectations in Philly.  Add all that together and Donovan is a Redskin, but he’s clearly not wanted.

I think he’ll find a home and I think it’ll be a good season for him, but this workout in Philly still makes you wonder what the problem could have been if he’s still beloved in some circles in that city.

Creative Commons License photo credit: gtalan

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