McNabb To Minnesota?


No, not that kind of Viking! A Minnesota Viking!

Yes, yes, yes, yes!!  This is what I am looking for for Donovan McNabb.  If he can get traded to Minnesota, he actually has a chance to revive his career.  You can’t tell me for one second that you don’t see him massively succeeding there with all the weapons they have, the defense they have, and under their new head coach Leslie Frazier.

Honestly, I think it’s the perfect situation for Donovan.  Plus, it’s perfect for the Vikings.  They get a veteran quarterback, who’s been to the Super Bowl, who knows how to win, who isn’t THAT old, who will honor his contract, and who won’t take all their time trying to decide if he’s going to retire every year.  It’ll be great for everyone.  Plus, this might be there first time where Donovan will actually have the support of the city.  Philly hated him, Washington hated him, but Minneapolis, I bet they’ll welcome him.

Apparently, the only thing that would hold this up is his contract, but he can restructure it so that the deal makes sense for the Vikings.  If I were him, I’d take it.  I’d jump at the chance to play with AP and Percy Harvin.  It’s the Vikings for crying out loud.  Basically, the exact same team was one snap away from going to the Super Bowl two years ago.

You can say that McNabb doesn’t practice well.  Uh, Brett Favre is lazier than any cat I’ve ever owned.  You can say he has a hard time in the playoffs.  I say, he might have an easier time if he isn’t being hounded where he plays.  You can say that he doesn’t deal well with pressure, perhaps, he doesn’t do well under too much pressure.

For a guy who got booed when he was drafted–this might be just the thing he needs.

Creative Commons License photo credit: markhealey


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